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Full Time RVers

The Parkers have been Full Timers since June of 2004 when they departed from Santa Catalina Island. After 20 plus years of hospitality and property management Michael started and ran a property management company there which managed two homeowner associations including 143 high end condominiums. Barbara worked for the local bank and helped Michael. "The workload left very little time to enjoy the Island. After 5 years we decided that life to too short to work all the time so we decided to seek another way of living that included our love of camping, traveling and seeing the world."

Good Sam / Workampers

Your managers are Good Sam members and Workampers. If they can help you in any way please ask.

Homeschool and Starband

The only thing holding us back at that point was the need to provide a quality education to our two school aged daughters.

Then we found Starband. High speed Internet Access via portable Satellite. Waala! We could home school our daughters via the Internet and travel anywhere we wanted. Barbara and Mike are now both certified installers for Starband systems and Mike is certified for WiFi installations through NomadISP.


Mike and Barbara Parker


Spaceport RV Park

Spaceport RV Park * 2121 Nadeau Street * Mojave, CA * US * 93501